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Veröffentlicht am Sonntag, den 11. Juni, 2006 - 18:10:   Beitrag drucken

Entschuldigt, aber in Englisch antwortet mir keiner. Ich muss einen Vortrag über meine Studienfahrt halten. Kann bitte jemand meinen Text korrigieren? Danke.
Two weeks ago I was in the Studienfahrten in Sicily. I was very frightened, because that was my first real big trip in another country. Months before we met us each week, to get information about Sicily, but what I saw there, was only fantastic. The teachers said, the way to Sicily is very hard, 2049km driving, with only little breaks. By the way it was really good to see, how the Vegetation changed. Particularly plants like the agave impressed me very much. Before approximately 3 years it gave on the EGA a celebration large in Erfurt, because such began an agave there to flower. This was therefore somewhat completely special, since this plant flowers only once in its life. It forms like a kind “trunk“, which is about 5 meters high. To it the blooms grow. After that wither dies the plant. In Sicily there was no day, on which I would not have seen so a beautiful plant, simply fantastic.
But now I want to tell something about the tour to Sicily. The first brake, I want to go to the toilet. I opened the door. Oh! No Toilettenschüssel! Maybe it was defect. I close the door. I open another one. Oh! No Toilettenschüssel too. Then it dusky me. Then said a friend to me: Why do you look so funny. The toilet was only a hole in the ground. Oh my god. I asked him: Are all toilets like these. No! Only in shops. After I herd that, I was really relieved.
The hotels were mostly very good, mostly. In each hotel we could go to the ocean. It was very warm. Great. We sun oneself at the beach and someone collect mussels. The most of us had at least one time a sun burn. Often we had a swimming pool, too. The eating was okay.
One highlight was the Piazza Armerina. At first, this day it was very hot, even in the morning it was 25°C. Lots of us bought a hat against the sun. Piazza Armerina is a place, where you can see a big mosaikfloors. We had the instructions to answer some questions about the different mosaics. Someone do you answer now. What is wrong in this picture?
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Veröffentlicht am Sonntag, den 11. Juni, 2006 - 18:11:   Beitrag drucken

This mosaic should everybody of you know. The girls play with a ball and do gymnastic. That is one of the most important pictures of the Greek culture.
Particular was that in each town where we were, it get wild dogs. In the near of one Hotel we counted over twenty. Lots of different, small and tall one we saw. They were so sweet. But the teachers said to us, that we should not feet them, because they run after you then. We should not stroke them too; they could have fleas and rabies. In Sicily I ate Pizza even each.
The first attraction in our tour was the Ätna. It is the biggest one with 3350 meters. After two days we went to the Ätna. At first we drive by bus. The last metres we climbed. Above we had a great looking. It smelled very good. It was like a mix between old socks and rot eggs.
Something was very different like Germany. From 1pm to 3pm all shops closed. Now it was Siesta. In this time you do not see any people, except stupid German tourists. In this time it was very hot. So the people go sleeping.
The real life is in the night. At 10 o’clock the people go out and celebrate or go eating. Every day we went to a Pizzeria and eat ….. right, Pizza. But I can you say, Pizza each day, two weeks along and you know, never more in your life do you eat Pizza. Oh, one I had even forgotten. The translations of the menus were often very funny. In the city we get free time for ourselves. Mostly we went to a Supermercato. It is the same like a supermarket.
The people go often by car or by motorbike. Differently was only, that the people on the motorbikes do not wear a helmet. And the cars, oh I all the time I saw 10 cars, which have not had a bump or a scratch.
The last days I collected souvenirs for my family. For my father a little ship. For my brother a mouth drum and for my mother a little temple.
All in all the trip was only great and I will never forget it. This island is fantastic and you must it see to believe it.

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